Are the days of the Procurement Super-Hero eventually over….. I fear not!

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Be a Hero, for the right reasons…
I was with a client earlier in the week and he was explaining how in parts of his organization, the procurement team were seen as hero’s when they were able to procure ‘failed components’ quickly, thus minimising service interruption.
In another part of his organization, where the procurement team had much more aligned relationships both internally and with their supply chain partners, resulting in a more proactive approach to maintenance, because the type of failures referred to above didn’t happen, the value delivered went unnoticed!
How sad is this!
In my experience, this happens all too often and in many cases, the procurement team revel in this ‘Super-Hero’ status. But this can’t be right, can it? Is this really the best way for procurement to deliver ‘value’ to their organisation? I don’t think so!
Is there a better way to be positioned as the ‘Super-Hero’?
Do you want to be a hero for the right reasons?
Do you want to become known as the person that always delivers real value to the bottom line?
Do you want to maximize the value that you create from the actions that you take?
Do you want to become the go-to person in your organization when your CFO needs to deliver increased profits?
I believe that there is a way that you can achieve the hero status without the stress that the first group of people in my client’s organization are undoubtedly under.
The COST Optimisation Formula is a proven 4 step approach that you can quickly adopt to ensure that you maximize the value delivered from your existing and future activities.
It focuses on the four essential elements;

  1. Effective Change Management
  2. Optimised Processes
  3. Collaborative Supply Chain Relationships
  4. Effective and proactive Tracking of Benefits

Want to learn more?
Great, because I’ve created a Masterclass for you and I’d encourage you to invest a little of your time over the next three days to watch 3 videos that I’ll send you.
Are you up for it?
Are you ready to take off the shackles and allow yourself to be the Hero for the right reasons?
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Speak soon…

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